Welcome to the place where programming magic is born.

Remember, a long time ago, when someone told you that magic didn’t exist?

That isn’t true. I’m constantly bringing it to the web. I add that extra touch of programming wizardry to Web sites and delight you by making it do things that you didn’t really think it could.

Based in Southern Norway, I specialize in development and theming for Drupal and Meteor and systems automation with Ansible.

I’m also active in the Drupal community; I maintain several modules, most notably FillPDF, and regularly contribute patches and comments to other contributed modules. I attend several Drupal events a year, and in general my involvement is a good thing for those who choose to work with me. The reason? Being involved means that I know what’s going on, which tools are most commonly used to solve problems, and what is coming in the future. This knowledge is incredibly useful, and those who don’t specialize deeply enough in Drupal often lack it.

On the Meteor side, I work fairly regular on Pushpin Planner. It’s developed by Project Ricochet. I work with them often. We’ve published canonical, a community package for Meteor, as well.

Fill PDF Service logo

I also run a Web Service that leverages the Drupal FillPDF module called FillPDF Service.

FillPDF normally requires that you install third-party software on your server, but you can use FillPDF Service instead and avoid having to do that.

Read more on my development services.

Have a look at my drupal.org profile and my oDesk profile*.
Stay up-to-date by reading the WizOne Solutions blog, containing solutions to Drupal and technical problems, community involvement updates, and other relevant information.

Magic still exists, and WizOne Solutions brings it to the web.

Disclaimer: oDesk profile link is my affiliate link.

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