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    Thank you for instructions – saved me a lot of time. Unfortunately next errors I have with nfs shares :( and still can’t launch my box.

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    Try checking the Vagrant issue list at https://github.com/mitchellh/vagrant/issues. Someone else might have had the same problem.

    If you connect to a VPN, I’ve found that can mess up NFS. Other than that, they work pretty well for me. Sometimes it takes a vagrant reload to get them all working properly.

  • Rajeswara Reddy


    Thanks for posting.
    I have a question when i run

    “vagrant up” it is loading new VM, how can i open the existing VM?

    it says

    The machine with the name ‘vbox1’ was not found configured for
    this Vagrant environment.

    I tried the above steps but it did not work

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    This post is about boxes not working. Look at your .vagrant/machines/default/virtualbox/id file relative to the project directory and make sure it matches the ID of the VM that you get when you do VBoxManage list vms.

    If problems persist, ask on the GitHub issue queue or IRC. This blog isn’t a very good support resource :)

  • Nathan Smith

    Thank you. Just upgraded today and was getting this error. Nice to have found a fix without having to rebuild everything.

  • Robert (Jamie) Munro

    I had a similar error, but found all I needed to do was:

    $ vagrant box repackage precise32 virtualbox

  • http://www.wizonesolutions.com WizOne Solutions

    Ah, interesting! I’ll try this next time I’m having problems and update the post with it if it works. It’s a lot easier than my workaround (which probably was doing the same thing the hard way).

  • Anatoly

    Thanks Robert, you saved my time!

  • Chris Barr

    Robert’s solution works nicely for me (as does doing it manually) – thanks both.

  • http://twitter.com/alebairos Alexandre Bairos de Medeiros

    This is precious info. I really got into panic state after upgrading to vagrant 1.1 . Before that i was freaking out with my forwarded ports stopped working(maybe it was related to mac os x ipfw) so i made the vagrant upgrade. Now i’m only able to access my vms using static ips.

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    It solved my problem!
    Very nice… Thanks!