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Regular expressions: positive and negative lookaheads and lookbehinds

Do you work with regular expressions sometimes? If you do, and you don’t know about lookbehinds and lookaheads, you are missing out on a fantastic feature. I’m just pasting in something I said to some colleagues. Use your imagination and Google to extract the rest of the blog post 😉 [10/30/14, 10:11:44 PM] Kevin Kaland: man [10/30/14, 10:11:53 […]
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Considering developing Google Calendar/Todoist integration

People have been expressing discontent with Todoist‘s lack of Google Calendar synchronization. Using Sunrise Calendar is an OK workaround, but it’s not quite two-way synchronization, and not everyone wants to use the app. So it seems like there’s a market for a third-party solution, and I’m considering developing one and charging money for it. Interested? Then click […]
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I’ve open-sourced Spendflow; it’s a Meteor.js application

Spendflow, an application I’ve been developing on and off over the past year, is now open-source. What is perhaps more interesting is that it’s a Meteor application developed in CoffeeScript. Although Meteor is gaining traction and nearing 1.0, there are still not that many published applications built in Meteor. I hope Spendflow will be a good example of how to […]
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Disabling default rsync of the Vagrant Docker provider

Discovered today that Vagrant automatically rsyncs files to the Host VM when the Docker provider is used on a system that doesn’t natively support Docker. Sometimes, though, one wants to sync the files to a custom location, and might get errors when trying to sync them to two locations on the Host VM (as I […]
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lefnire.js: the weirdest Node.js API consumer ever

It must have all started with a joke on iRC that my friend lefnire, creator of HabitRPG, might just be an advanced Node.js program. A few weeks later, a buddy and I took this to its logical conclusion. But even with novelty projects, there are things to be learned, and this project has exposed me […]
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Fixing duplicate field collection item references in Drupal due to Content Translation bug

I just left a comment in the Field Collection issue queue and thought it’d be good to spread it more widely; maybe people need this fix. For anyone still getting burned by this bug (or for that matter getting burned by using Node Clone on nodes with field collections), first apply my previous patch (or […]
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Introducing Internationalization 404 for Drupal

I released a new module for Drupal a couple days ago called Internationalization 404. This module helps you automatically use Content Translation-translated localized language versions of your 404, 403, and home pages. Normally, you have to install Internationalization Variables (i18n_variable) and separately configure the options for these pages per-language. This module saves you time and automatically […]
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HabitRPG and Remember the Milk Synchronization on the Command-Line

If you, like me, are a user of both HabitRPG and Remember the Milk, you may have been looking for a way to link the two. I developed habitrpg-todo-sync (HabitRPG Todo Synchronization) to do just that. The README file explains in good detail how to use it. Come on, just tell me how to use […]
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DrupalCamp alert: DrupalCamp Gothenburg 2013!

If you haven’t been following any of the calendars listing DrupalCamps, you may have missed the arrangement that’s coming up in Gothenburg, Sweden in a couple weeks. This wouldn’t be surprising, since it’s being marketed in Swedish. People of all languages are welcome, however, so I thought I’d somewhat rehash the post I made in […]
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