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I’ve open-sourced Spendflow; it’s a Meteor.js application

Spendflow, an application I’ve been developing on and off over the past year, is now open-source. What is perhaps more interesting is that it’s a Meteor application developed in CoffeeScript. Although Meteor is gaining traction and nearing 1.0, there are still not that many published applications built in Meteor. I hope Spendflow will be a good example of how to […]
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Toolbox page launched

You may have noticed there’s a new tab on the site: Toolbox. This is a simple list of various tools I use in my day-to-day work and in running the business. There’s no need to keep the fact that I use them secret, so I thought I’d start maintaining a page of said tools. It will […]
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First Drupal 7 patch review!

Let it be forever chronicled here that this was my first Drupal core patch review: Since I kept saying that I had installed Drupal 8, I thought that I should put that installation to good use. And, as they say, it’s best to start small, right? Hopefully, this will be the start, and not […]
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Helping maintain Features Extra

A quick update to report that, as of today, I’ve become a co-maintainer on the Features Extra Drupal module. This time, I just wanted to get some patches committed, and since I’ve got the process down fairly well after my experience with Fill PDF and Meetup API. Features Extra lets you export blocks and node […]
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The new has launched!

I’m happy to announce the launch of the new design for After many months of anticipation, it’s here! There’s quite an interesting story behind this new design, too. Around the end of summer last year, I asked my good friend Andrew Sepic over at Think Up! Design if he could help me create a […]
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New site theme coming soon!

Hey all, Just to let you know that, as I’m sure you must wonder upon seeing this site, a new theme is indeed coming. In fact, it’s already been designed and is currently being implemented. So stay tuned…it’ll be quite nice to look at. Kevin
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Mobile version of!

Just thought to mention that you can now view the many exciting pages of (cough) on your iPhone, iPod Touch, Android device (I’ve got a G1 myself), or Blackberry Touch! Thanks to the makers of the WPtouch plugin for enabling this possibility. The plugin’s home page is:
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Portfolio page IS coming

Hi again, Today I snuck up a link to a portfolio page. Said portfolio will be getting filled in soon. I just wanted to make sure you realize you can just contact me for the moment if you want to know what work I’ve done. Rest assured that I’ve done this stuff before…a lot Hope […]
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Facebook page coming soon

Hi all, Since everyone else is doing it, I’m also getting a Facebook page soon. Keep an eye on the blog and on the Connect section to the right. It’ll be appearing soon. Have a great week.
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A brand new site!

After some downtime, I’ve finally launched my new WordPress-based site! While it’s rather plain right now, this site will transform over time into a sample of what I can do using WordPress. For now, browse around, and keep an eye on the blog for more info.
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