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I’ve open-sourced Spendflow; it’s a Meteor.js application

Spendflow, an application I’ve been developing on and off over the past year, is now open-source. What is perhaps more interesting is that it’s a Meteor application developed in CoffeeScript. Although Meteor is gaining traction and nearing 1.0, there are still not that many published applications built in Meteor. I hope Spendflow will be a good example of how to […]
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Klar for å ta oppdrag i Norge! (Now open for business in Norway!)

WizOne Solutions has moved to Norway! You’ll see a slight update in the footer showing its Norwegian organization number. The official new name is Kaland Web, but we will continue being WizOne Solutions. A Norwegian version of the site is likely to show up after a while. In short: I haven’t blogged in a while, […]
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WizOne Solutions Winter Update

Update: I’ve also sponsored DrupalCamp NJ ( at the Silver level. I wondered what I should call this post, and the title I picked seemed to fit. It’s been some time since I’ve written a proper blog post about my attendance to (or sponsorship of) camps. I’ve definitely tweeted about it, but the blog posts have […]
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Toolbox page launched

You may have noticed there’s a new tab on the site: Toolbox. This is a simple list of various tools I use in my day-to-day work and in running the business. There’s no need to keep the fact that I use them secret, so I thought I’d start maintaining a page of said tools. It will […]
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Service issues resolved

Everything is back to normal on the VPS servers now. Thanks for your patience.
Posted in Updates | Leave a comment back, Fill PDF Service still a bit slow seems to be back (I think it’s generally been working anyway, since it uses hook_boot() and doesn’t have to bootstrap much). Fill PDF Service is still somewhat slow but does seem to be loading now. The host mentioned that some packet loss is occurring, so I guess that’s what it is. Hold out a […]
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Fill PDF Service and temporarily down

The host is experiencing a DDoS attack on the node which has my VPS in it. Though this sucks, it’s simultaneously kind of exciting. Should be back soon, in any case, and I’ll probably implement some redundancy measures.
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Challenge Accepted (or: Migrating Site to Drupal 7)

If you’ve viewed source on my site or followed me on Twitter, you’ve noticed something strange: I’m a Drupal Developer, but my site runs WordPress. What the heck!? A certain tweeter also implied that this site would be too hard to do in Drupal. Well, paying respect to the old Wild West…them’s fightin’ words! First, […]
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DrupalCon London 2011 – WizOne Solutions Individual Sponsor Page Now Live!

That link in the other post shouldn’t be showing access denied anymore. They published my sponsor page and are showing Individual Sponsors on the main Sponsors page now! Here’s the link to my sponsor page: WizOne Solutions DrupalCon 2011 Individual Sponsor Page I appreciate it, DrupalCon team!
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Now providing IRC support! Solved a couple problems already

So, since about 3 days ago, I’ve started providing some support on IRC! Basically, ever since Four Kitchens presented on open-source and no-cost tools for collaboration and mentioned that serious Drupal professionals needed to be on IRC, I decided I’d leave ChatZilla on and hang around on IRC. This led to me starting to answer […]
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