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Web site development

If you’ve reached this page, chances are you are looking to develop a Web site. I can help with that, and I do so using the Drupal CMS. This software can get your site running a lot faster than developing a completely custom site.

Drupal’s greatest strength is the vibrant community behind it; few other products, proprietary or open source, have so many people building, fixing, and supporting them. This means that Drupal has been extended to do a lot of things, and the hard work is already done for solving problems such as e-commerce (see Ubercart and Drupal Commerce), dynamic, flexible displays of information, flexible positioning of content on the page, and much, much more. Drupal has over 10,000 add-on modules, and most of the ones that contain essential site functionality are high-quality and feature-complete. I have personally found it much easier to find the right module to use in Drupal than in other CMS I’ve used.

Drupal is also search engine-friendly! This means that search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing will have less trouble finding and indexing your content, and you will in turn be discovered by more people.

Authoritative Fill PDF module implementation

As the maintainer of the Fill PDF module for Drupal, I can bring domain expertise to the table when you need to implement paperless workflows or re-use your form data to populate PDFs. You can reference the module page to see more about what it does. I also run Fill PDF Service. All of this means that if there is an issue with the module or service in your implementation, I can fix it directly, and the changes (if appropriate) will often make it into the module quickly.

Finally, I reinvest a percentage of what I make from implementing Fill PDF back into the module and service, ultimately benefiting the Drupal community and my clients as a whole.

Drupal maintenance, enhancements, and updates

Programmers and designers often move on, switch jobs and/or become unreachable; it’s a fact of life. The Web sites they leave behind still need to be updated and enhanced to stay relevant and so that security issues are addressed. If you have a Drupal site, I can help you with that. I specialize in quickly understanding and being able to improve upon existing work, and I’ve rescued numerous sites from maintenance peril. I’ve gotten them into shape and enhanced them with additional features.

I don’t stop there. Even when the workload calms down and I move onto other things, I always strive to be reachable and won’t disappear off the face of the earth. If I can’t service your request, I will try to find someone who can or give you tips to get you started. Strong communication is my minimum standard.

Talk to me, and I’ll let you know my current availability; we can take it from there.

Web application and Drupal development/theming

Much of what I do goes beyond the ordinary boundaries of Web development and into the programming sphere. I have worked on or updated integrations with Amazon FPS, Convio, Authorize.NET, PayPal, CakeMail, Unfuddle, and more. Put simply, I do a lot of third-party integration and Drupal module development work.

I’m also familiar with theming and have a reasonable sense of what not to do. I’ve gained that from my experience working on Web sites as a volunteer and professional over the years. For heavy theming needs, I admit that you should look for a specialized front-end developer. While I have the technical know-how to do the job, a specialist themer will know better how the job should be done, what’s popular on the Web, and the most common approaches to solve specific problems.

I don’t create new designs at all, but I know an awesome Web Designer who does and with whom I’ve collaborated numerous times.

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